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September 15 2014


Penis Care Fundaments - 5 Foods You Should Avoid

Are you aware that poor nutrition is one of the main causes of poor health? Good nutrition plays an important role in maintaining health, including sexual health. In fact, what you eat affects your Penis the way it affects other parts of your body. The foods you consume can either hamper or aid bedroom activities. You can enhance your Penis care regimen by eating foods that boost erectile function and healthy testosterone levels. To keep your Penis in shape, you should avoid consuming the following beverages and foods. Do you have erectile dysfunction? Visit vigrx plus direct order to find out the best way to deal with this problem.

1. Coffee

Drinking one or two cups of coffee in the morning is fine; however consuming large quantities of the substance can increase the amount of cortisol (stress hormone) in your blood. High amount of cortisol interferes with testosterone amounts in the blood. What this means is that cortisol interferes with libido as well as the functioning of your Penis. You should choose ginseng tea instead because this can boost your energy levels and it contains L-arginine (an amino acid that is believed to enhance Penis sensitivity. You can find quality male enhancement supplements which have been proven to produce results at vigrxplusdirect.com.


2. Refined Carbohydrates

Many refined foods contain bleached white flour. Some of these foods include bread, graham crackers, and pastas. You should avoid foods that contain white flour because they can decrease testosterone levels. Instead, you can choose whole grains.

3. Soy

When consumed in moderation soy can be beneficial to health. Nevertheless, soy should not be consumed in large amounts regularly because it contains hormones known as phytoestrogens, which can decrease the amount of testosterone in the blood. Healthy testosterone amounts are essential to maintain erectile function and sex drive. Therefore, keep the tofu and soy milk to a minimum. If you are suffering from low sex drive or low libido, you can get help at vigrxplusdirect.

4. Red Meat

The majority of individuals enjoy eating steak or burger; however eating large quantities of red meat might affect your sex drive negatively. Thus, avoid consuming excess quantities of red meat in order to keep your sex life on track.

5. Asparagus

It is widely known that can asparagus can cause urine to have a putrid smell. Asparagus can also affect the flavor and smell of egg. Therefore, if you are thinking about having oral sex with your partner, you should avoid asparagus. Do not let low sex drive get in the way of a healthful relationship with your partner. Visit vigrxplusdirect. to get help for your problem. 

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